Peter left a vivid memory in the childhood and youth of my country. He was terribly well-liked by everyone here, so it became something almost insane by his fans. Many times while he has interviewed, he had to escape literally running out of the reach of them. It was something that never happened in other countries. He was a true sociological phenomenon here...

Until he was 5 years old, Peter was raised in Aden, the seaport of Yemen, near the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea. After that, his parents Roy and Vera Marshall moved with the three children to Mombasa, Kenya. The girls ( Christine and Gyllian ) went to Loreto Convent and Peter went to St. Mary's School in Nairobi. It was a good boarding school, and one of the best schools in the country. Peter would spend all his holidays on the beaches in Mombasa and in the game reserves inland. He lived with his family in Nyali, Mombasa. He learned to love the ocean, to snorkel, to scuba dive, and he was good at all kinds of water sport including windsurfing. He also learned archery there and was very good at it for the film.

I still remember his soft British voice when the journalist José María Íñigo interviewed him for the great Spanish program "Fantástico" on TVE. He felt a little excited and overwhelmed at the same time by the huge success that took in Spain and the public in there, and he continually looked to the person who translated his words in the program as if he wanted to make sure that his words were well translated...He was awesome!

We all have always known who was his Spanish dubbing voice here because it belongs to a very famous Spanish serial actor, journalist and writer...His name is Eduardo Jover and he has lent his voice to great actors as Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Matt Dylon, Anthony Perkins, etc...By the way, he was a very young dubbing actor in 1978 and his first job for TV was to dub Orzowei... He had also a very soft voice similar to the Peter's one...

It's a real pity that none was able to offer him a new chance for TV. The producers he met at the time never believed in him as a good actor.

"Ich wollte nie ein Held sein" sagte er immer, wenn er im Fernsehen interviewt wurde...Ich denke das Du kein Held sein musst, um ein Held zu sein...Er war fantastisch! I fail to understand why I can not get this series in my country, as Orzowei was an amazing sociological event for youth and children here in Spain. Many people earned lots of money with the series and with all the shows that Peter did in the Circus...Simply I don't know why.



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